Top seven ISO 27001 recommendations for sales and marketing employees – These will help in the audit process.

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1: Understand the impact of information incidents in your organisation while also gaining an in depth understanding of your information systems and how they are tied to the people you interact with. Review the types of information collected by your organisation and consider how compromised data will impact your customers and partners.

2: Develop a plan to respond to a cyber incident and make sure this plan is consistent with the regulatory requirements in your industry, legal considerations, and any commitments made to partners or other stakeholders. This is usually similar to Privacy impact assessment


3:Protect all shared files with encryption and strong passwords. This includes files on your intranet


4: Protect access to your Customer relationship management system and other online accounts with strong passwords, multifactor authentication  restricting access levels 

5: Promptly remove access to accounts when employees leave or vendors change.


6: Protect customer information in  Estimates / quotes, purchase orders, invoices and payments. Share only necessary information and destroy any information after use.


7: If doing business in foreign countries, be aware of specific regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Salespeople are an important part of most businesses, but they too pose potential risks to your information security. By helping to ensure that they’re made fully aware of those risks and how to navigate them, your sales team can protect your business. Good practices and following a procedure for tasks is a key part of the framework for quality as well as Information assurance.




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Remote Audits for ISO27001 until at least October 2020

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