About IS27

 Formed in 2016 from the head office in Liverpool in the North West of England, the company provides excellent consultant and audit services to a wide variety of organisation sectors. The ISO 27001 part of the business was to deliver outcomes for companies. We often get asked, How do we get certification for ISO 27001 or ISO 22301 and this is something we have confidence in delivering. However, to achieve a security standard also requires you to manage your ISMS and this is our strength also. We can provide a Remote CISO, Remote DPO, and Retained consulting services. In 2018 we entered the Cloud Security Provision of supplying services for global exposure which has seen us expand our offer. We are also a supplier to HMG on G-Cloud12.

Search and Discovery Services

The gap analysis of your organisation will be done so we work with you, we are experts in solutions for your business. Compliance to GDPR is a legal requirement, but how do you stay compliant? Thats where ISO 27001 is a Excellent management system

Cyber Protect

Protection of your company assets is a number one objective, however the protection of your clients information is also a key part of maintaining your reputation and safeguarding information security using ISO 27001 as a framework for your data protection and compliance. Our partners we work with in this area can assure you of Penetration Tests, Vulnerability Scanning, Social Engineering education. Cyber security training from our own training facility in North Wales.

Cloud Security and Support Services

The different models, types and cloud services available differ more than ever before, meaning businesses can find a cloud service that suits their exact needs, allows for growth and expansion, but doesn’t unnecessarily complicate things. We touch on the main types of cloud.

ISO Certification

We are confident on the delivery of ISO certification we work with partner certification bodies all UKAS accredited or country of requirements. We have a good relationship with many UKAS accredited certification bodies, we know what they require to have in place to make the standard easy for you.


Our Approach to Cyber Security & Prevention

  • Cyber risk evolving and asymmetric threats. It impacts each one of our objectives – market integrity, consumer protection and competition – whether through markets being disrupted through loss of availability of platforms, sensitive market or customer data being stolen or compromised.
  • Organisations, whatever their size, could pose a significant risk if their services were disrupted – even the smallest firm could hold large quantities of sensitive data, which if compromised could have a impact on customers/suppliers
  • Cyber security is a shared interest and responsibility
  • We aim to improve your ‘security culture’ in organisations of all sizes – from the Board down to every employees. Cyber is not just an ICT issue, but covers people, processes and technology. The key is: good governance, identification and protection of key assets, detection, response and recovery and information sharing, with the regulator and other interested parties. 

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